As a kid growing up in conservative small-town Oklahoma, Austin singer Autumn started her musical education listening to family-approved favorites such as Amy Grant, Sandi Patty and gospel-gone-secular great Whitney Houston.

Then Autumn discovered Lauryn Hill, and her “miseducation” began. “I could lay there for hours and hours, just by myself, listening and singing along," she recalls of Hill’s solo debut. "It was the kind of music that really spoke to me. Just a good groove. I like a good groove.”

On her own self-titled solo debut, releasing Sept. 15, Autumn lays down many, many good grooves, crafting a blend of R&B- and pop-infused jazz that might best be described as electro-soul. Loungy and torchy, sultry and sexy, Autumn shimmers with the same elegant splendor as the season that gives its creator her name. (“Think a funky Norah Jones,” she suggests.) 




The Townsend - May 28, 8pm

Saxon Pub - July 1, 11pm

Strange Brew - August 8, 8pm

One 2 One - September 15, 11pm

Saxon Pub - September 30, 11pm

Cedar Street Courtyard w/ Westlake Dr. - Sundays, 8-11pm

Elephant Room - January 11, 6pm

One 2 One - February 13, 6:30pm

Victory Grill - March 14, 8pm

Saxon Pub - April 14, 11pm

Elephant Room - June 8, 6pm

Elephant Room  - August 8, 6pm